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Accounting is called the “language of business” signifying this course’s importance to any business related field.

What students are saying about Accounting:business-classroom1

“The pace of the class is fast and you learn a ton of stuff. Don’t make the mistake most students make…take this class, it is fun and you learn a lot.” ~Tyler Audie, BHS Class of 2012“This course is good to have. I never thought I’d take it or like it…but I do!..” ~Kristina McCurry, BHS Class of 2011“It’s a challenging course but it brings out the best in you. This class is awesome. Take it!” ~Erik Villandry, BHS Class of 2010“I like the program because it puts you in real life situations and you apply the skills you learn.” ~Matt Dube, KHS Class of 2011

Accounting is one of the fastest growing fields in today’s economy.

Accounting is called the “language of business” signifying this course’s importance relative to any business related field. All businesses, trades, organizations and government agencies require understanding of the “numbers” to be successful. You will be introduced to the complete accounting cycle for the sole proprietorship, corporate, and partnership forms of business enterprises by using real-world manual applications as well as the Peachtree Accounting Software Package, one of the top software packages used by businesses today.  



  • Analyzing Business Transactions and the Accounting Process
  • Cash Control and Banking Activities
  • Preparing and Analyzing Financial Statements
  • Calculating and Recording Payroll and Payroll Taxes
  • Making Accurate, Informed Financial Decisions
  • Special Procedures, Internal Controls and Departmental Accounting
  • Integrating Peachtree Computerized Accounting Software

Successful completion of Accounting I is a prerequisite for admittance into Accounting II



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This course is held at Biddeford Center of Technology in room 406.