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Business Management/Entrepreneurship
One out of three households start a business! What do you love to do? Owning your own business is the principal way to attain wealth in the free enterprise system of the United States. Small Business Management provides the tools you’ll need to succeed in any trade or business venture by providing instruction on the core business management skills of consumer law, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, human resource management and marketing.

What students are saying about Business Managment:

“It gives you the overall steps in running a business; exactly what I wanted to learn Take it!.” Brooke Boucher, BHS Class of 2011 “What did I learn? What didn’t I learned is the question.” Justin Tarbox-Toussaint, BHS Class of 2009 “I am planning on opening my own business. This class gives me what I need to succeed.” Meagan Davis, KHS Class of 2009 “I have literally lost count of everything I’ve learned. So much stuff yet I still like the class… weird!” Jake Hill, BHS Class of 2010




  • Creating and Presenting a Business Plan
  • Handling Legal and Governmental Regulations
  • Developing a Marketing and Promotional Strategy
  • Supervising Operations and Human Resources
  • Acquiring and Managing Finances



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This course is held at Biddeford Center of Technology in room 406.