What Students are Saying About Medical Assisting

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What Students are Saying About Medical Assisting


See What Students Have To Say About This Medical Assisting Class:

“Taking medical assisting will give you more experience in the medical field and teach you office, computer and clinical skills.  I came to this class wanting to be an orthodontist and I did  my eight week clinicals out in an actual orthodontic office. This class is good to take if you want to do anything in the medical field….not only for medical assisting.  You learn skills that you can use in college, in an office in any field and in the medical field.”……  Chelsea Loignon  BHS Class of 2010

“This has been a fantastic experience.  I have learned a lot about medical careers, the human body and the whole field in general.  Both of the teachers are fantastic; I would take it again if I could.”….Charlie Duffield OOB Class of 2013

“This class is the best to take if you want to be in the medical field. The teachers are wonderful and make sure you are ready for the medical field.  Overall, this was an amazing experience.  If I could, I would take the class again .” ….Allyssa Quinn BHS Class of 2012

“This class gives you a greater insight on different medical careers, and makes you think about what you really want to do after high school.  It was very informative and you feel like you are part of one big family.”….  Katy Morin TA Class of 2013

I absolute love this class.  The teachers are awesome and have helped me figure out what I want to do with my life; I feel they helped point me in the right direction.”…..Desiree Bastarache BHS Class of 2013

“I would recommend because it is very informative about the medical field; the teachers are great and help you prepare for the real world…learn how to be professional and succeed in life.  If you are looking to learn in a welcoming environment this is the class to take.”…..Tricia Doody KHS Class of 2014

 “Taking this class my senior year I had the opportunity to learn a lot of different concepts of the medical field.  I would recommend this class to anyone who is questionable about their career path; it is a great opportunity to get a better background on what your potential career may be.” ……Cady Toussaint BHS Class of 2013

In one days time you learn so much in this class; the teachers really want you to succeed. You are treated like a college student.  As a result of taking this class, I feel everyone will be more professional, be more successful and get the career they really want.”  …..Molly Hutchins KHS Class of 2013

“ I recommend this class; it teaches you about all the careers you could be considering & what it will take to be successful in those positions.  It is a very fun class and is very helpful for planning for your future.”……Sara Scott BHS Class of 2013

“This class is a lot of fun and very educational.  You learn a lot of cool things and make some really good friends.  I would definitely recommend.”…..Amanda Southworth TA Class of 2013.

NOTE:  These classes fill up fast; there are limited spots – to help ensure a spot, see Mr. Romprey at the COT office to fill out an application now.  For a detailed course description, see BRCOT Program of Study at our website https://biddeford.mainecte.org/ .




This course is held at Biddeford Center of Technology in room T206.